More than you can chew? - Sidekick

Life’s an endless fun filled roller coaster ride! Atleast that is how it was meant to be before the discovery of paper and setting up of offices! Most will agree a lot of time is lost in mundane administrative work which compromises of Productivity and Profits. With changing times, working styles have also changed. At your disposal are Virtual Assistants. Trust us, they can virtually take over administration from Data Entry/Word Processing, Book Keeping/Accounting to Scheduling travel, meeting, appointments, etc., and finally Proofreading and Document Filing. Being experienced, knowledgeable and smart our VAs work much faster and have a gargantuan appetite for work. The call is ‘To Change or Not to Change’!

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman!

Re-search is about re-searching what has already been searched. There’s a catch– We know how to bait to catch the right fish in the net. Be it the internet or the market, we hit the bull’s eye with our research. The latest tools and technologies for client specific needs are used for internet research. We device means and schemes to ensure you stay on the global map for long and get all the attention you crave – that’s SEO for the uninitiated. Client specific market is studied threadbare – qualitatively and quantitatively. Customer preferences, buying patterns and trends are analysed and mapped to let you onto little secrets and awesome business ideas that accelerates your business and revenue - The greatest beneficiaries of which have been the e-commerce guys. We’ve had many Likes from them!

We have a terrific research team with a fast turnaround time. Sounds conceited? Try us to find out. The team has mastered the nuances and can generate useful silos for real-time targeting, predictive analysis, profitable customer database, gainful marketing, accurate pitching and exploring hidden market opportunities.

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