For the records, we are a web-based privately owned business – A misnomer because there is virtually nothing that public cannot get from us. We started in 2013 and have often been told that we were ‘Too Good’. Sounds Jaded? We think the same as we have graduated to being ‘Amazing’! As your Virtual Assistants we take care of Customer Service, Administration, Marketing and Research so you can rake in all the moolah! Cloning comes naturally to us as we efficiently support businesses in their time consuming daily operations so you guys can save time, strategize, cut costs and go snorkelling!


Value driven, Power packed

Low investments, High returns

Multi-domain, Multi-platform

Client Oriented

Lucrative/Gainful business strategies

Intuitive and Informed decision making

Customer satisfaction, Retention and Loyalty


No hassles of hiring, Recruiting, Training

Collaborative partner at no extra cost

Round-the-clock availability